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  • Full-build Service

    Don't want to tinker with building your own chain timpani using DK Percussion's chain timpani kits?
    DKP offers a "Full-build" service which includes the following:

    • Support ring and counterhoop layout and drilling
    • Powder coating of support ring and counterhoop
    • Counterhoop felt and foam treatment
    • Bowl bearing edge cleaning and teflon treatment
    • Cleaning and assembly of machined parts
    • Chain installation and head clearing
    • Quadpod (stand) building, including optional wood finish
    You can choose as many or as little services as you'd like. Pricing varies.

    Contact DK Percussion for quotes.

  • Hoop and Ring Drilling

    DK Percussion offers custom rolled counter hoops and support rings as an add-on option for the chain timpani kits.
    You can order these with your kits drop shipped from the rollers, or DKP can layout and drill them for you.
    Options include:

    • Drop shipped to customer's location
    • Layout only
    • Drilling and countersinking
    • Powder coating
    • Support hoop and/or counterhoop assembly

    Contact DK Percussion for quotes.

  • Powder Coating

    DK Percussion offers powder coating services on all steel counter hoops and support rings or plates.
    If you have other percussion parts you'd like powder coated with or without a chain timpani kit order, please inquire for pricing.

    Contact DK Percussion for quotes.

  • Quadpods & Crosses

    DK Percussion offers both threaded crosses and fully-built quadpod timpani stands. Visit the Quadpods (stands) and Parts page for more information.

    Contact DK Percussion for quotes.

Original Build Journal


DK Percussion is proud to offer custom machined stainless steel tuning gauge bolts, with paint filled letters that will never rub or fall off, and bolt heads that will never break. Special thumb nuts are machined to be as small as possible, allowing for closer spacing of notes on your tuning gauge.

Why the dot? It's meant to act as an accidental letter, such as B-flat or D-sharp. Simply put one of these in between two letters with the dot in the proper location of the indicator arm.


Note: taking full orders on revolving stock and always in production, please check with us if you have a deadline for this product.


Several options exist for making sure your brass thumb nuts do not fall off the tuning bolt, resulting in lost letters!

  • Red Loctite: Put a dab of Red Loctite solution on the end of the thread AFTER installing your bolt.
    (Note: red is permanent, blue is less permanent and just as viable.)
  • Thread crimping: Use a pair of pliers or other tool to "smash" the last few threads on the bottom of your tuning bolt to prevent easy removal of brass thumb nuts.

Ludwig, Yamaha, DKP, and most Light tuning gauge bolts*
*** Sizing information

"dot" Why a dot?
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Note about shipping: Flat Rate (2-4 days) includes tracking number and is shipped in a box. First Class is shipped in a bubble mailer with no tracking (7-10 days).

Shipping costs will be calculated on the next screen.
For international shipping, please either inquire first or select "Pick Up" and a bill will be sent.


*Please note: only tuning gauges meant to accept square-neck bolts will be compatible with this design. This includes the "Ludwig Pro" tuning gauge product, many custom timpani, and Yamaha rails.

**Many American Drum timpani use a double rail system with 1/4" spacing, while most use a 3/16". If you require a different size or design, please inquire before ordering for options. We can help update your rail system!

*** To measure your rail spacing without calipers, use an 8-32 (small), 10-24, or 10-32 (larger) sized bolt. If it fits your rail system, these universal indicators will fit. Please confirm prior to ordering.


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